Womenonly.gr (August 13th, 2008)


Luck wasn’t on Christian Bale’s side this time! Just a while before the premiere of the movie “The Dark Knight” he was questioned for alleged assault against his mother and sister. What mother would do that at her son’s best career moment? And all this happened just as the movie was breaking all records.

Two weeks before the premiere our interview was scheduled in LA. He looked tired. He still hadn’t figured out what had happened. And in no way could he imagine what would happen a few days later.

Which was the funniest incident that happened to you when someone realized you were “Batman”?

Something particularly funny hasn’t happened. I was surprised that when they approached me, they didn’t ask if I was the actor who played Batman, but if I was Batman myself!

When did this incident occur?

I was with my daughter in London. In fact we received a special treatment when we asked for something to eat.

Batman, as Bruce Wayne, is adorable and girls love him. What is the secret of your charm?

I can’t answer you that… You’ll have to ask my wife! The double identity of Wayne-Batman is very tiring for the actor who plays him. In a particular scene in the movie you can see Wayne sleeping after a difficult night as Batman.

When was the last time you fell asleep during a meeting?

[laughs] I’ve never slept during a meeting. But during the filming of Batman, sometimes I did fell asleep. An incident I remember vividly was during the last shooting, when after all those months, dizzy and tired by the procedure, I went aside and closed my eyes. I felt a buzz over my head. Then Michael Caine poked me gently. Many minutes had passed; almost two hours to be exact.

If you were Batman for one day, for which purpose would you go beyond the limits?

The purpose of limits is to go beyond them. I would surely do it for my family… Nothing else comes to mind.

It doesn’t fear you to test your limits. For the movie “?he ?achinist” you lost almost 30 kilos, while in Batman movies you did many of your own stunts. Now that you have a child, will you perhaps choose easier ways, that don’t “threaten” your life?

Many times I’ve thought that I overdo it, but that’s my choice. Through my stubbornness and always with hard work, I manage to be satisfied with the result. I don’t know for how long I’ll keep this up, but habits are hard to let go. Testing my limits and transforming are part of my method. But don’t ask which my method is, because I won’t be able to reply clearly.

Did you consider yourself a child-wonder that Spielberg chose you at such a young age for the “Empire of the Sun”?

I believe I’m lucky; not a child-wonder.

You spent a long time in Cephalonia for the shooting of the movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”. What do you remember of Greece?

Your food, your hospitality, the professionalism of your actors, how helpful the crew was, the involvement of those who were near, watching the filming. That summer the sun was killing us. It was awfully hot… That made shooting even more difficult. I remember I was mesmerized by the personality of Irene Pappas. She is a myth of acting.

The characters you portray have a dark side. Do you have one?

We all have a dark side, that seizes to be dark when, for any reason, it comes out.

You will take on the role of Schwarzenegger in the new Terminator. Do you think you’ll have the same “qualities” like your predecessor?

[Laughs!] “The new Terminator will have nothing to do with the old one. It’s like Batman; a new approach to something that we consider a myth or established. That is the reason that made me say yes and participate. People have now accepted superheroes as icons and what they want is to discover their human side. As far as my similarities with Schwarzenegger, I don’t know if we’ll both say “Hasta la vista, baby”, but “I’ll be back”.

By Alexandros Romanos-Lizardos | Greek translation by Dina.