(April 30th, 2007)


UPDATED! Today the IESB had an exclusive video interview with Christian Bale during the press day of his new film Rescue Dawn.

We obviously had to hit him up with a few The Dark Knight questions.

Bale told the IESB that he has not actually started shooting the Batman sequel as of yet. He says all of the footage shot in Chicago thus far has been sans The Dark Knight.

He will don the suit once again in two weeks when he actually starts shooting for the film.

Although we wished for more info he told us that he can’t say a thing. He said if he starts saying things, and he’s the main character, then other cast members will start revealing secrets and that’s not going to happen.

We go round two with Bale this afternoon during a roundtable conference, we will update if any new Dark Knight news is revealed.

Stay tuned to the IESB as we will post this exclusive video interview with Bale shortly!


We promised round two with Christian Bale this afternoon and here it is!

During the press roundtables for Rescue Dawn, Bale was a bit more giving in regards to information about the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight.

As we reported this morning, during our 1:1 video interview with Bale he told the IESB that he had not begun shooting on the highly anticipated sequel as of yet. His call time starts in two weeks.

With the large group of journalists in the afternoon, perhaps he was feeling a bit more peer pressure to talk further, and he did.

He talks about training for awhile for the film. For what exactly? He says it’s a mystery! Also, he is really looking forward to working with Heath Ledger as the Joker!

Here’s what Christian Bale said regarding The Dark Knight:

You seem to be somebody who always wants to do something new, to be an interesting and diverse character. How hard is it go back to play Batman again? Is there something new that you can bring to him?

You know, I think that you got see with the other versions. You know it wasn’t my cup of tea anyway, you know, it didn’t really keep it going but I got Chris Nolan, whom I’m working with for the third time now. He ain’t going to be making a movie if he’s not going to do something very different with it, which he states. Actually, I’m very much liking the idea because I’m having the pros playing the role before. So I know it already and obviously there will be progress. We got a great cast, and Chris and I work very well together, so I know that we are going to find an awful lot to add to it. It’s certainly not the last thing is treading water, but what we have now, we were confident before in what we wanted to do but other people didn’t know, it was untested now other people support us too so we have all of that extra support behind us to sort of let rip and take it through.

As an actor, how important is to have a franchise to go back to, to allow for you do a movie like “Rescue Dawn”?

Well, I’d be doing movie like this anyway because it’s not like if didn’t have the franchise, I couldn’t do “Rescue Dawn”. What it does allow though is like something like “Rescue Dawn”, Warner and me have been talking about making a good two and a half years and… I don’t know, but it was a huge consequence that we got financing pretty quick after I did Batman. So it does mean that I can do these things in a much easier fashion compared to a couple years back where in like in “American Psycho”, it took two years just because they didn’t want me. So it certainly helps with that but in it by itself I really like what Chris has done in working with him on Batman and so it’s I tell you it’s the only time in my life to actually be able to plan in the future because usually you know what you’re doing for the next two months, if you’re lucky, and after that you have no idea. I’ve got times where I’ve really needed to work and there’s were no work for me coming in, and I didn’t work for a year and a half or so. So it’s, I guess having a franchise is the only time where you can actually sit back and go, “it’s alright, you know, it’s going to be okay.” Even if nothing else happens, you know that’s gonna come along. But you don’t even know that actually because they can dump me in a second (laughter). But it’s a good thing.

I’m curious about the training for the upcoming film [The Dark Knight], can you talk a little bit about that? Have you been training a lot for “The Dark Knight”?

There are new things that I’m having to train for but again, like in the same way, we were untested before they know that I know my right from my left now. (laughter) They know that I, when I walk, my arms swings in the right way (laughter). So there’s more confidence in me in my ability in picking things up quickly. We have, we did start a while back in training with I believe is a mystery what we are training for (laughter).

IESB: During “The Prestige”, I asked you that Batman’s always been considered a great detective. Are we going to see that side of the Dark Knight?

(Bale picks up water bottle, starts drinking; laughter in room)

Is that clear enough? (laughter)

Talk to us about looking forward to working with Heath Ledger as the Joker?

Absolutely, he is a great choice for it. I like it personally. Heath has a really crazy take for playing that role. He’s going to do something really different with it.

You’re in London in couple of weeks?


There you have it, Christian Bale in his own words!

The Dark Knight hits theaters July 18, 2008!

By Stephanie Sanchez.