If Magazine (December 19th, 2005)


Location: Gotham
THE SKINNY: Now that it finally looks like Christian Bale will be the first actor since Michael Keaton to star in “two” BATMAN films, the actor is now getting grilled on what to expect from his BATMAN BEGINS follow-up.

While promoting his new film THE NEW WORLD, Bale gave iF MAGAZINE the heads-up on the BATMAN BEGINS follow-up. He was a bit skimpy on details, but he’s definitely learned the art of keeping mum on any details he may be aware of.

“It’s all that kind of deal where I’ll get it in the head if I talked,” laughs Bale.

One thing Bale was extremely pleased with was the support fans gave him and director Christopher Nolan’s dark, art-house-like superhero film and hopes the next film will continue in that vein.

“We know now that people have supported what we achieved,” admits the actor. “I have to say though that I always like the idea of not knowing if people are going to like it and then that gives me a certain drive to improve what I believe the correct way of bringing the character about. I like the slightly self-destructive notion of like, ‘You know what, I’m going to do this regardless and if people don’t like it then well I’m out. That’s it.’ I’m kind of enjoying that possibility and that will always be there, but we can’t help that recognize that we’re probably on slightly safer ground now with the second one. But in doing that there’s the great danger of becoming too comfortable and obviously with the second one you have to outdo the first one.”

The key for Bale is progressing with the character and story.

“You have to keep on moving forward and pressing on and finding new and impressive character points and storylines, but I’ve got real confidence,” says Bale. “I think that Chris is such a smart man and when I did finally get into the game I would have certain questions about why he was doing something and not quite understanding it. He would explain it to me and it would be like, ‘Now that he’s said it’s so obvious. That really works. Yeah.’ So I have great faith in him that he will be pulling something out of the hat that will be even better than the first one.”

By Nuts McDdougal.