(October 4th, 2004)


While promoting his new film, The Machinist, Christian Bale was probed into revealing some details about the upcoming Batman Begins. Of particular note is the new costume, which has presumably been scaled back since the gaudy Joel Schumacher era.

“[The fitting process was] very extensive, very laborious but ending up with it fitting absolutely perfectly,” Bale said. “There’s a whole team of people whose job it is just to make sure that it is looking right and working right and there’s a conveyor belt process of creating these suits. It’s very involved and it has progressed since the first movie.”

Since Bale would have to be doing a lot of physical action in the suit, it was constructed from a stretchable fabric. “It’s pretty mobile, yeah. I could do everything I had to do in the movie. I believe it’s Neoprene.”

Though he’s more famous for character-based work in films like American Psycho and The Machinist, Bale always dabbles in the blockbuster with past credits like Reign of Fire and Shaft. He hopes to bring some of his indie sensibility to the Batman franchise.

“Batman is obviously a mass entertainment movie. The challenge is well, can we manage to put some quality into such a big mass entertainment movie? But you feel out each movie and you recognize the difference of some movies having escapism being an essential part of it.

And not entirely truthful acting being required for it. What I mean by that is being much more based on fantasy, even if you try to introduce some amount of reality to it, it’s still fantastical. These are not situations that you would ever actually find yourself in in real life at all. And I enjoy all of that. I think if I was sticking to just one style all the time, it would be rather dull.”