Chicago Sun Times (November 19th, 2004)


It’s not just Bridget Jones who’s playing for scale at the multiplex this weekend. Christian Bale went from 190 pounds to 130 to portray an oddball character named Trevor – an industrial worker who hasn’t slept for a year and might be losing it – in “The Machinist,” opening today.

Bale is clearly sick of talking about weighty topics, but he will divulge, “It took four months for me to lose the weight and it was something I was very happy to do for the movie. I don’t think anyone expected I would lose so much weight, but the film was well worth it.”

Just like Renee Zellweger, Bale gets a little peeved talking about being on his losing streak. “It’s obviously a talking point, but it would be a shame if my weight loss overshadowed the movie,” he says.

Even more annoying is that people have been asking for his weight-loss secrets, which he won’t discuss. “I’ve done a few interviews that have come across like diet pieces. It was all, ‘How did he lose it, how did he gain it?’ It’s horrendous to think people will do what I did to lose some weight. And many women are asking, ‘So, give me some tips.’ I want to say, ‘You’re sick. You don’t ever want to drop weight as quickly as I did.’ “

By Cindy Pearlman.