BBC Radio One (October 15th, 2004)


‘Batman’ star Christian Bale says he had to seek medical attention after losing and gaining weight for film roles.

He’s just finished filming the Batman prequel and his previous film was ‘The Machinist’ for which he lost a third of his body weight – you can see him looking shockingly thin in the posters for the film.

He then only had six weeks to prepare to screen test for ‘Batman’ and the director told him he had to put on five stone to be considered for the role as the caped crusader.

Christian said he stuffed himself so much he was forced to seek medical advice:

“I was in such terrible shape that it was really torturous.”

“I over did it because I was also just enjoying gorging, ignoring all advice about ‘You should take it slowly’, or ‘Your stomach has shrunk’ or ‘Just go with soups’.”

“I was straight into pizza and icecream – (I was) eating five meals in a sitting and my stomach just expanded really quickly.”

“In that short amount of time I did actually go up from 121 up to 180 pounds – that resulted in some doctors visits.”