(July 11th, 2003)


For several hours, the team of the film, “The Machinist”, that is filming in Tarrasa, took a break to hold a press conference with their director, Brad Anderson, and its stars, Christian Bale and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Notably absent was Aitana Sanchez-Gijon.

The film tells the story of Trevor Reznik, played by Bale, an employee of a factory, suffering from insomnia, which causes him serious hallucinations. The female lead fights to demonstrate her innocence in a workplace accident. The story takes an unexpected turn when their companions confirm that the person whom Trevor blames, simply does not exist. In the words of Anderson, “It is not the typical drama, nor a conventional thriller, but it has elements of both. Fundamentally, it is a character drama in which Christian Bale puts his character under a microscope. It is a very careful and artistic debate, but in it there is also a dose of blood and terror.” On the other hand, a very haggard Bale, who lost 22 kilos to live in Trevor’s skin, assured that, “this is a sacrifice, but it is worth the trouble because it is a wonderful script, written fantastically. It is not fun to loose weight, but this is one of those few films in which it is necessary. It is very difficult to find roles with which I see the necessity to do it [loose weight].”

The star of “American Psycho” declared that, “I feel very weak, but my physical situation helps me a lot. For example, climbing stairs tires me out, but the strange mental state helps me with the work.” Jennifer Jason Leigh defined her character as, “somebody that is at an impase. I was also interested because this character is a prostitute, and I have never played one before.” Both actors also remembered their previous experiences in Spain. Christian Bale, when filming “Empire of the Sun” and Jennifer Jason Leigh during her work in “The Gentlemen of Steel”. According to the actor, “I have fantastic memories of the work I did next in Rota and Sevilla with Steven Spielberg. He was something gigantic and although I was only 13 years ols, I remember how the luxery of having everything we wanted impacted me. Don’t forget that was the most expensive film for Warner Brothers during that time.” On the other hand, Leigh assured that, “the filming with Paul Verhoeven was very special…”

Translation by Rimlandt.