Science Fiction Weekly (July 8th, 2002)


Christian Bale, who stars in the upcoming SF movie ‘Equilibrium’, offered SCI FI Wire a peek at his character. “I play a law enforcement guy, called John Preston, who lives in a society set in the future in a kind of non-specified country, where psychiatric drugs are enforced in order to create peace,” Bale said in an interview while promoting his next film, ‘Reign of Fire’.

Bale added, “In eliminating hatred and anger, etc., they’ve also eliminated love and joy. And then through circumstances, my character doesn’t take his dose and experiences emotions that he’s never felt before. And what comes with that is incredible remorse about what he knows now are crimes that he’s committed throughout his life.”

The film is in the can, but has been delayed for reasons Bale couldn’t explain. “I have no idea why it’s been delayed so long,” he said. “I have no knowledge of any problems whatsoever. And I don’t know anything else. … I expected that it would have been out before ‘Reign of Fire’.” Bale added, “I believe it’s coming out later this year.”