Wenn (May 7th, 2001)


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin star Christian Bale was the loner of the Greek set of his new movie. Bale was far too shy to strike up any friendships with his co- stars – Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz and John Hurt. Christian says, “To be honest, I probably spent more time with my driver Angelo than I did with anybody else. I didn’t have a lot of scenes with Nic Cage. If you sat us down for dinner today, you would be introducing two strangers.” And Bale believes he is shy and retiring because of the stardom that came to him at the age of 13, when he starred in the hit movie Empire Of The Sun. He adds, “It made my schooldays much more difficult, I got into a lot of fights. By the time I was 14 I was ready to quit. Steven Spielberg was back in Los Angeles and I was in Bournemouth (England), not having a great time.”