More (June/July 1999)


Since Steven Spielberg discovered him, aged 12, everyone’s been after a slice of Brit actor, Christian Bale. He’s even been snogged by Ewan McGregor. So what chance is there for Jane Preston?

First things first, Christian – have you got a girlfriend?

No – I’ve been single for years now. All my friends are getting married, but I haven’t managed to maintain any sort of relationship at all. I used to be the one with a steady girlfriend while my mates were seeing different girls every weekend.

Come on, don’t tell me you’re short of admirers – you’ve got the most visited celeb site on the internet!

Once, two girls downloaded a Polaroid of themselves on to the site. The photo was taken on a beach – both of them stark naked and having sex with me! Everyone thought I was lying when I said it wasn’t me in the picture – it turned out they’d met this bloke who they thought was me, so they jumped him. He looked extremely happy about the situation. Wasn’t me though. Honest!

Weren’t you tempted to rope this guy in to be a stunt double for those sex scenes with Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine?

Goldmine was the most fun I’ve ever had on a film. Ewan was a laugh – well, he’d need a sense of humour to spend a night bonking me on the roof of King’s Cross station, I was on the receiving end, so to speak, leaning over a wall, watching commuters getting on and off trains, with Ewan breathing down my neck.

You lucky git! Do sex scenes ever get a little, er, sticky?

The first sex scene you do is hard, I was very nervous when I filmed Metroland and had sex scenes with Emily Watson. She’d done loads of sex scenes in films and said: ‘Do this and do that and don’t get embarrassed if this happens – and don’t be embarrassed for me if this doesn’t happen’. It didn’t exactly feel sexy with a camera up my bum for hours!

Charming. So come on, Chris – tell us about your latest movie…

It’s with John Hurt, called All The Little Animals, and is based on the Walker Hamilton book. I play a 24-year-old, with a mental age of 12. He’s like an open wound – he physically collapses at the thought of people being nasty, I’m not saying anymore – go and see it!

By Jane Preston.