Sassy Magazine (November 1996)


Age: 22

Status: Don’t ask!

Vitals: To-sigh-for Christian played dashing Laurie opposite Claire Danes and Winona Ryder in Little Women–the role that nearly launched him into mega-star status. His big break was his role in Empire of the Sun. In December he’s Portait of a Lady and The Secret Agent with Patricia Arquette.

Head Trip: If I start analyzing things too much, I find myself thinking in circles, then I just sort of end up sitting on my butt not doing anything.”

Beauty or Brains? “I don’t want to sound like some cheesy commercial, but you can tell everything about someone by her eyes. Somebody may have this fantastic figure, but she’s got dull eyes, then that’s someone I don’t want to stick around for.”

Little Known Fact: “I was told the other day that I’m indecisive and it shocked me. I was talking about somebody to my father and sister, saying how this person couldn’t make up his bloody mind about anything and my dad just started looking at me. It was quite revealing.”

Bothered Heartthrob: “The heartthrob status doesn’t bother me, really. Right after I finished Little Women in 1994, it was a bit different, but not so much anymore. I’m not going to be an inverse snob about it, but it does get a bit dull.”