Disney Adventures Magazine (1995)


Thomas, a young working-class English settler, is John Smith’s close friend.

D.A.: How did you get the role of Thomas?

C.B.: I had to audition for it. When I first started, the directors played with Thomas being Irish and Scottish and younger than I am, so I had to raise my voice and do different accents. But the more we did it, the more he became like me–older and English.

D.A.: Do you think Thomas looks like you?

C.B.: I haven’t seen much of the film, so it’s all going to be a big surprise. I’ve been told he looks a little like me. They had an artist sketching me while I was recording, and a camera rolling to capture my mouth movements.

D.A.: Would you like to be an explorer like Thomas?

C.B.: Oh, yeah, I think everybody dreams of going off to places they’ve never been. I went to Africa two years ago and was there for a month or so. I got quite a taste for it. I would like to go back sometime and see more of it.