Sassy Magazine (1993)


Christian is best known for his role in the 1987 film Empire of the Sun, in which he portrayed a young English boy in the midst of World War II. Now a fully foxy 18, Chrissy-Poo is starring in Newsies, the Disney musical about a newsboys’ strike against newspaper mogul, Joseph Pulitzer. Yes, a musical. “Before I did this, I didn’t enjoy much dancing and I had a thing against musicals as well,” he says with that lovely British diction of his. “Now that I have met a lot of different dancers, I realize that it is not just a bunch of guys standing around in tights.”

Christian is currently in Czechoslovakia filming Swing Kids, a movie about three Count Basie-loving German boys who join the Hitler Youth before WWII. Says Christian: “I’m the one who becomes violent, who starts enjoying the Nazi thing, who straight-out enjoys seeing blood on people.” I see.

Christian lives in both LA and on the south coast of England, where he is from. When asked what his other interests are, he says, “I was into lacrosse, but the past year all I have been doing is acting, and if I wasn’t, I don’t know what I’d be doing. I would sort of like to go back to college. I started college, but I left…I’m really boring. I’ll have to reassess my life.”

By Christina.