1998 ~ Velvet Goldmine (as Arthur Stuart)

Directed by Todd Haynes
Produced by Christine Vachon, Michael Stipe
Written by James Lyons, Todd Haynes
Starring Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, Toni Collette, Eddie Izzard
Music by Carter Burwell
Editing by James Lyons
Distributed by Miramax
Release date(s) 21 May 1998 (Cannes, France), 16 August 1998 (General UK release)
Running time 124 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Info & Plot
The story follows a British journalist, Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale), who has to search his own past when writing an article about the mysterious disappearance of a former glam-rock star, Brian Slade, for an American periodical. The film turns Slade’s paranoia of being murdered during a concert (a paranoia that Bowie incorporated into the Ziggy Stardust story in the climax of the Ziggy Stardust album) into a career-ending publicity stunt by Slade, after which he gradually disappears from the public view entirely. As Stuart locates and talks with people connected to Slade, trying to find out what happened, he revisits the glam-rock scene of the ’70s in a series of vignettes, which recreate the stories of Slade, Wild, and others involved in their lives.