Zhang Yimou’s ‘Flowers of War’ to Screen at Marrakech International Film Festival

Via the Hollywood Reporter:

LONDON – Chinese filmmaker and actor Zhang Yimou will be feted with a tribute during the upcoming Marrakech International Film Festival, heralded by a gala for the Christian Bale starrer The Flowers of War.

The filmmaker, whose films have been nominated three times to represent China at the Oscars, is also noted for staging the opening and closing ceremonies of the 19th Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and is credited with launching the careers of actresses Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. […]

Christian Bale Talks About His.. Personal Bodyguard While Filming ‘The Flowers Of War’

Christian Bale, on the occassion of the UK release of the movie ‘The Flowers Of War’, talked to Metro.co.uk and shared his experience about having his own bodyguard while he was filming in China.

“He was always dressed in black, 6ft 4, with wraparound shades and knuckledusters on his hand, with a big badge saying “bodyguard”,’ explains the The Dark Knight Rises star. ‘I’d say: “Could you go a bit more incognito?” Which, for him, was taking off the knuckledusters.” Continue reading