SAG Awards Preview: Actors on Actors: Jeff Bridges on Christian Bale as Russell Baze in “Out of the Furnace”


Christian Bale’s portrayal of the complicated Russell Baze in Scott Cooper’s “Out of the Furnace” is outstanding.

Christian always delivers, but I found this performance especially engaging.

What I love about his work is that he consistently creates characters that are real.   Continue reading

Teresa Palmer Shares Her ‘Knight of Cups’ Experience


From Indiewire:

“I was only supposed to be there for one morning and…they call it ‘torpedo’ when a character in a cast comes and gets thrown into the scene and the other actor doesn’t know that character is going to be put in the scene. That’s just the little experiment they do. So the end of when I was supposed to go home, Terence asked me, ‘What are you doing the rest of the day?’ I was like ‘Nothing, nothing at all.’  And then he was like, ‘Would you like to stay and we’ll make you a torpedo.’ So I ended up torpedoing into these scenes with Christian Bale and then that continued on for the next eight days. So I was brought back and this character became a bigger character and I got to improvise and it was just a funny, sassy character that’s different from a lot of the other characters that I’ve seen in some of Terry’s past films.” Continue reading

‘Lawless’ Actor Jason Clarke Just Completed Work On ‘Knight Of Cups’

During his interview to Film School Rejects, Jason Clarke revealed that he completed work on Malick’s next film, ‘Knight Of Cups’: “It was great. Terry’s out on his own journey, as a filmmaker, with where he wants to go. You can’t dismiss Terry has deep, deep thought and emotion behind what he’s doing. It’s not, like, willy-nilly. It’s very complex and, yet, very simple at the same time. He’s also got the balls to let something run. He knows a piece of work or art or anything creative is going to have its own breathing apparatus; it’s going to walk its own way, if you let it. It could possibly be scary, but it can also be amazing.”