ABC News: Christian Bale Talks ‘Knight of Cups,’ Weighs In On New Batman Movie [+ Video]


Christian Bale has appeared in a variety of films throughout his decades-long career, and in his latest, “Knight of Cups,” he plays a screenwriter who has a series of extra-marital affairs. The film has been described as an experimental drama, and Bale believes viewers will be drawn in.

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The Daily Beast: Christian Bale on Hollywood Hedonism and Chris Rock’s Divisive Oscars


The Oscar-winning actor opened up to The Daily Beast’s Jen Yamato about his new Terrence Malick film Knight of Cups, about the seedy side of L.A., and much more.

Two days after attending the 88th Academy Awards, Christian Bale is beaming.

Bridge of Spies’ Mark Rylance may have won Best Supporting Actor, but Bale, who earned his third Oscar nomination for playing finance whiz Michael Burry in The Big Short, got to sit up front at the Dolby Theater and sneak a few of Matt Damon’s Girl Scout Cookies.

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