Christian Bale In New York Magazine (Cover, Stills, Interview)

The Big Short - NY magazine article 11-30-15

‘These Were Some of the Most Dangerous People I Have Ever Come Across.’
on The Big Short and meeting real-life American Psychos.

By Jessica Pressler

Did you know Adam before you signed up for The Big Short?
I’d not met Adam, but he just called me, you know, he’s obsessed with the financial crisis, and he’s a very engaging guy. I really drank the Kool-Aid when it comes to Adam, he’s the shit. And I loved the idea that the guy who had done all of the Will Ferrell films was going to be tackling this. And when he sent me the script, I just fell for it. I did some research on Mike Burry, and looked at some interviews, and read lots of things, and thought, Absolutely. He’s a wonderful character. And I then went and met Mike, and it turns out he’s a wonderful person as well. Continue reading