Will Christian Bale Take On The Role Of Trevor?


I’m really glad to share with you that my dear friend and Christian Bale fan, Maria Paola Chironi, has signed with Management/Production Company Bon Air Entertainment. Here is the official release (source) and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell why this article belongs here:

“Newly minted Management/Production Company Bon Air Entertainment, has recently signed Italian scribe Maria Paola Chironi to a management deal. Bon Air has also optioned Chironi’s trilogy “Ruby Jensing”. Bon Air has entered into talks with the reps of Christina Ricci and Christian Bale to play the leads in the Ruby Jensing tele-drama.”

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The Christian Bale Directors Posse By The Hollywood Reporter

1. Steven Spielberg

Bale was 12 when Steven Spielberg cast him inEmpire of the Sun, beating out 4,000 kids who also auditioned. Amy Irving, who was then married to the director, had recommended Bale after starring with him in the TV movie Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.

2. Jane Campion

Bale played Edward Rosier in Campion’s 1996 period pic The Portrait of a Lady, one of several films in which Bale portrayed a mild-mannered character, including the role of Laurie in Little Women.

3.Todd Haynes

Bale has starred in two of the director’s films, Velvet Goldmine in 1998 and a decade later in I’m Not There, which also reunited Bale with Batman co-star Heath Ledger.

4. Terrence Malick

With the Batman franchise wrapped, Bale is making his next two movies with Terrence Malick,Lawless and Knight of Cups. The two first worked together on The New World in 2005.

5. Christopher Nolan

When casting Bale in Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan said he had just the right balance of “darkness and light.” In between the two Batmanmovies, Bale made Nolan’s The Prestige.


10 Best British Male Actors

Cinema has had a rich history in the UK, and the 10 best British male actors are evidence of that. This formidable talent pool spans decades, and their collective careers offer an incredible library of films. Great Britain has provided us these males actors, the best of the British.
7. Christian Bale. Born in Wales, Christian Bale worked his way towards his more recent role as Batman. Early on in his career he was granted the opportunity to star in Steven Spielberg’s World War II story “Empire of the Sun”. His quality work continued with memorable appearances in “American Psycho”, “The Machinist” and “The Fighter”.
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Christian Wins Supporting Actor Award by the Detroit Film Critics Society

The Detroit Film Critics Society has announced the Best of 2010 nominees and winners in eight categories. It’s the fourth year the group — whose members include City Pulse arts and culture editor James Sanford — has awarded honors to outstanding films, filmmakers and performers. The 20 critics who make up the DFCS live and work within a 150-mile radius of Detroit, including the cities of Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Flint.
“The Social Network” was chosen as best picture, with Colin Firth taking best actor for “The King’s Speech” (opening in Lansing Dec. 25) and Jennifer Lawrence claiming best actress for “Winter’s Bone” (now on DVD). Other honorees included Danny Boyle as best director for “127 Hours” and Christian Bale and Amy Adams as best supporting actor and actress for their work in “The Fighter” (opening today).
Each critic submitted his or her top five picks in the categories of best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best ensemble and best breakthrough performance. Each entry was given a point value and the top five nominees were sent out on a final ballot last week.
The 2011 voting will include two additional categories, best documentary and best screenplay. The DFCS is www.detroitfilmcritics.com.



M & C: The Fighter Review

Get ready rock and roll with one of the best films of the year. Bale and Leo hit you like a sock on the jaw.
When you saw him in “American Psycho” you knew there was something big cooking behind those beady eyes. As he made his way through the sci-fi flotsam to play the stranded pilot in “Rescue Dawn” and then the farmer in “3:10 to Yuma” Christian Bale started poking out in dimensions that just kept on coming. By the time he played Melvin Purvis in “Public Enemies” he was so good the audience was almost rooting for him instead of John Dillinger (played by Johnny Depp, who had to fight to keep control of the screen).
With Bale’s co-starring role in “The Fighter” he has emerged as a force to be reckoned with on the silver screen. Playing working-class crack-addicted Dickie Eklund he manages to be heavy and light at the same time. He is as heavy as Charles Bukowski, jumping from second story windows into piles of trash bags out of crack houses.
Then with the wink of an eye he is goodness and light. He goes from young to old in the same scene and back again in the next. As a professional boxer, the real Dickie was known for bobbing and weaving. Bale manages to bob and weave his way through this entire film, recording his best performance to date. Considering his past successes, that is a great achievement.

Mark Walhberg, in the lead role, has one of his best performances as well. However, the real star of the show is Melissa Leo playing Lowell, Massachusetts, working-class boxer-stage-mom Alice. Alice considers herself Dickie and Mickey Ward’s guiding light. However, if the lights are on, there is no one home. Leo comes to this film with a long string on credits, stretching back to her award nominated performances on the TV soap “All My Children” in the mid-80’s.
Discriminating audiences had brief chances to see her in “21 Grams” and “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada” before she emerged with a genuine chance to show what she could do in “Frozen River” released almost exactly two years ago in 2008. In “River” she played a tough character opposite an even tougher character played by Misty Upham. Finally, a part with some chemistry.
The two sizzled on the screen against of stark, frozen and lethal backdrop of the frozen Quebec winter.
Whether it is because of the genius of director David O. Russell, the enthralling screenplay of “Fighter” or simply the ferociously flawed nature of Ma Eklund, Melissa Leo hit the ground running on this one and uncorked one of the best performances of the year.
She is so good she is scary. When you see her mangle the first part of future welterweight champ “Irish” Mickey Ward’s career in cooperation with crack-head Dickie you want to jump out of your seat and throttle her image right on the screen. She is that good.
Mark Walhberg is the nominal star of the show, playing “Rocky” copy Mickey Ward, the real-life boxing champ who had to overcome every imaginable hurdle except polio to win the title. He has the toughest part of the film because he has to play a person who is actually in control of his senses while, seemingly, the two people he loves most have completely lost theirs.
Bale and Leo, playing borderline lunatics, have so much more fun in this film. Nonetheless, he also comes through with a super performance in spite of the fact that he must be a little pre-occupied with producing a hundred or two TV episodes and also acting as one of the producers of this film.
Wahlberg’s performance in “The Departed” is still his best, although “The Fighter” may be a better film overall. It is that good.
Leo’s and Bale’s best performance of their careers and Wahlberg’s second best are backed up by some of the best supporting work seen this year. Dendrie Taylor, Bianca Hunter and Erica McDermott play Gail “Red Dog,” “ Cathy “Pork” and Cindy “Tar” Ecklund, three of Mickey Ward’s six sisters.
The sisters make a howlingly hilarious beer-soaked Irish chorus that appears capable of reducing the most complex interpersonal relationships single syllable grunts. Amy Adams does a good job as Mickey Ward’s faithful and supportive girlfriend, another tough role as a normal person, while everyone else around her is having all the fun playing morons. Adams is still looking for that breakthrough role.
Her upcoming films “On the Road” (2011) with a stellar ensemble cast and, especially, her starring role in “Janis Joplin: Get It While You Can” (2012) will hold some big surprises for her fans.