Christian Bale Interview In German Magazine ‘Für Sie’

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Christian Bale acts because it’s the only thing he’s good at.

The British actor has made his mark on Hollywood as Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy and with an Oscar-winning turn in The Fighter.

He’ll never lose that drive to keep making movies because he feels it’s where his true talent lies.  

“It makes me feel useful. It’s the only thing that people say I’m good at,” he explained to German magazine Für Sie. “Hearing something like that is just great and it becomes quite addictive. I hate it because it can be suffocating but I love it because it’s all going well for me.”

But just because Christian is good at acting doesn’t mean he’s immune to getting nervous on set. Luckily he has a trick for keeping calm.

“As soon as I start to feel lost during shooting I encourage myself by saying: ‘It doesn’t matter, no one will watch this anyway.’ It helps because it takes the pressure off,” he shared.

Of course it’s not true: Christian’s films are watched by millions and his upcoming flicks The Promise and Jungle Book: Origins are sure to go down well. […]

“Parents should be careful when encouraging their kids to act,” he said. “It’s an adult world with immense pressure. It might look fun, but it’s actually pretty stressful and not suitable for children in my opinion.”