The Christian Bale Interviews Section Is Open!

Dear Baleheads, as I had promised, Patrick is pointing to yet another section of the blog: “The Christian Bale Interviews Collection“. More than 280 interviews/articles from his early days till now. It was a project that took quite some time, due to the… lack of time mostly. I wish to thank all the media that shared those special moments, and to note that the following would be greatly appreciated:

  • Additions, corrections, suggestions (sharing is loving).
  • Foreign interviews translated in english (baleheads are universal).
  • A link back to the blog for content used (I’d love to know more of you).

More interviews will be added periodically, transcripts need to be made, but I felt that this is a good time for the section to go public. In the future, for any interview that there is a magazine scan available, there will be a link to it (as I currently do for any audio edition of an interview).

For now, you can click on the following stickers per year or….

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…follow Patrick and visit the “Interviews” tab on the menu, and choose decade and year:

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~ Dina