Mobile Site For Baleheads Blog!

Dear Baleheads, I would like to present you with the smartphone & tablet version of the blog. From now on, when visiting from a mobile device*, you’ll see the mobile version of the website, which is a clean, simple and easy to use theme. You can turn that feature off anytime though, by switching to the desktop theme. Just go to the bottom of the mobile version and choose “off” (and vice versa).


If you’re an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad user, you can take advantage of the web-app feature. When you visit Baleheads Blog from the Safari browser, you’ll be alerted that you can save the website as a web app on your home screen, with short instructions on how to do it. Thus, you can save the blog to your homescreen, so that when you tap on the “Baleheads” app icon on your home screen, it opens the web app, showing you a start-up screen** while it loads up the web app. Once loaded, you can browse the blog in full screen mode, outside of mobile Safari, just like any other app on your device.

*Currently the supported devices include iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Google Android mobile, Blackberry OS6 (e.g. Torch and Bold), most Samsung touch devices, and Palm Pre/Pixi.
**I have made custom start-up screens for the following devices:
– iPhone/Retina iPhone/4-inch Retina iPhone
– iPad (portrait & landscape)/Retina iPad (portrait & landscape)

start-up  screens presentation

I hope you enjoy this new feature, as I was, while trying to figure it out and then setting it up.

Kind Regards,
Dina (dinatzv)