Blast From The Past: Christian Bale @ The ‘Shaft’ Press Conference In California [June 1st, 2000)

shaft-press-conference-california-01-06-2000 (4)

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  • FantasyBoy

    Beautiful pics.He was so young then!

    BTW,Dina.I’ve been out of reach for quite some time and now that I’m back,I just wanna ask you one question:

    How was TDKR?

    When I saw it,I was definitely blown away.It gave me chills in multiple scenes.I thought it felt more like a comic book Batman movie than TDK(Not BB) even though Batman was not in it much.(That’s what i wanted)It was much more epic and emotional than the first two.

    Christian’s performance in TDKR was the best(what do you think?)and Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway were awesome too.First Batman and Bane’s fight,Batman’s first comeback,Bane’s taking over the city and his speeches,Bruce finally climbing out of the pit,and the final chase scene are all among cinema’s greatest scenes.

    But I do agree that it had flaws,stupid moments,and that awful Talia’s death scene thanks to Liar Marion Cotillard.(you know why i call her a just wish nolan had fixed them.

    But on the whole…God it was awesome! Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have given us such an inspirational trilogy that we’ll forever be proud of.

    • Nice to see you again! Sorry for the belated reply, but I am so busy… I liked TDKR. I believe that many scenes were down in the cutting room though. I do hope for the “director’s cut” versions of all 3 movies, but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen… Christian’s performance was brilliant as always, and I believe that for such a movie (and the previous ones) not to stand out in the awards is absurd. But who cares, in the end.. They stand out in our hearts, and they will too in movie history. My favourite remains the first one (which sadly I never saw in a theatre), and the most complete in everything, the second. I do hope you have a great year, FB!