Zhang Yimou Talks About Working With Christian Bale

Zhang Yimou was honoured with a tribute at the Marrakech International Film Festival, and during his interview, he shared his experience of working with Christian Bale. The full article is here.

And so casting Christian Bale in “Flowers of War” was both appropriate and useful.
“What matters most for me is the loyalty to the original story and here because of this period of time, during this massacre, there were foreigners in China, so it made sense to cast a foreigner. That’s why we chose Christian Bale,” Yimou shared.

“But of course there are investors who want to see who you’re working with and who the cast is and of course the mention of Christian Bale’s name was helpful in getting them to invest more in the film,” he continued. “And then Bale was kind enough to give us a discount on his normal salary, so he wasn’t too expensive for us. And the collaboration then was very smooth and nice because he is a great professional and also a very kind man, very caring with the children in the cast. Working with him was nothing but pleasure.”