Baleheads Blog’s Affiliation With Sin Radio

Back in 2010 a new web radio was born by the name of Sin Radio. A joint effort of my husband and myself to start something fresh on the net and to spend our free time in a creative and affordable way. For various reasons, the plan was put on hold a few months later. We didn’t go back to it, since life and its twists kept us busy, in a bad way mostly.

Then, in late 2011, we met two people that we hit it off right from the start.  That’s how it usually is with friendships that are meant to last. Anyway, as it came along, we were pleasantly surprised that those two friends shared the same dreams and ideas, and eventually Sin Radio was restarted this spring. Slowly at first with a simple page and limited means, it gained its audience and formed a circle of friends that is constantly growing. On September 18th, 2012, we launched our official website, and many more people came along to join us as radio producers or listeners. We are quite hopeful for the future, but we prefer to take small steps at a time, and always be the professional amateurs; thus maintaining the enthusiasm for what we do and keeping a wide range in our music choices, but being up-to-date and modern in our approach, regarding the medium itself, with the vast evolution of technology and multimedia.

Yours truly is responsible for the website administration and design. It was the first time I worked on such a project, and not being a pro in that field, it was quite challenging and difficult at times. But I’m pleased with the results and I do hope you enjoy your time there (wish me luck to create the English version one day; the website is currently in Greek).  For now, you can visit us and listen to our music choices and/or live shows, and help us promote the page by hitting the like and share buttons on our Official Facebook Page. Many greetings to our team, Theo (hubby), Pavlos (Paul) and Giannis (John) for working so hard with me in difficult times, for us to achieve stuff without nearly any expenses. Thanks, guys! You rock! Also, many thanks to our lovely community of listeners, who support us and give us the energy and drive to get better each day.

As of today, the blog is affiliated with Sin Radio (the player is on the right sidebar, but you can also listen via the website and the FB page [listen live button]).

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~ Dina (dinatzv)

  • DuraMater

    Congratulations to you, Dina, to Theo, and to the partners as well. Wishing you much success in the future. I am so very proud of you!