E! Online: Christian Bale Explains That Whole "Obsessive" Thing at the Oscars

Sporting one fierce beard at the 2011 Academy Awards red carpet, Christian Bale spoke to E!’s Ryan Seacrest about his passion for taking on transformative roles, no matter how much it may worry close family and friends.
And worry they did:
“They know I’m a stubborn git, and they know I’m going to do it anyway,” Bale said.
Bale went from playing an über-masculine Batman to emaciated former boxer Dickie Ecklund in The Fighter, a film for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
The change was definitely drastic, but we cannot forget Bale is a method actor and as he explained tonight, he’s just giving people what they paid for.
“When you get the right role, you want to be obsessive. You want to immerse yourself as much as you can. People deserve it. People are paying money for it,” Bale said.