The Best of Christian Bale Showcased on Satellite TV

Christian Bale has been in the movies ever since a young age, but his popularity and drive do not seem to be diminishing one bit. Among his most famous roles to date, the Batman saga and American Psycho stand out, but he has built an impressive career in the past decade. If you haven’t seen some of his recent star turns, tune in to satellite TV networks in your area and check out his best films. Here are the top five, now playing.
1. American Psycho. If you want to talk about a star-making performance for someone who has been in films since a very young age, this film would be that for Bale. Playing a Wall Street yuppie who crosses the line and begins killing people, Bale was celebrated for his commitment – both physically and mentally – to the role. The novel by Brett Easton Ellis gets a fair shake in this faithful adaptation by Mary Harron. See this film uncut on HBO networks in high definition.
2. The Prestige. Two ambitious magicians go into something of a mortal struggle in early 20th century London in this Christopher Nolan film. Bale is one half of the riveting pair of leads, with Hugh Jackman as his opponent. To say the film is star-studded would be an understatement, as Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and even David Bowie show up in prominent roles. In the end, it is Bale and Jackman in the duel of duels. Check out this excellent picture on premium satellite TV networks.
3. Public Enemies. Johnny Depp has the flashy role as robber and FBI-pursued John Dillinger, but it was Bale who received a lot of positive notices for his role as Purvis, the lawman out to apprehend Dillinger. It’s the type of role that Bale appears made for: a combination of grit and stubbornness make Purvis successful, something which Bale has in spades. Check out this new release in HD.
4. Batman Begins. Before Bale and Nolan in The Prestige, it was Bale and Nolan teaming up for Batman Begins, an ambitious and risk-taking walk into the sacred territory of everyone’s favorite superhero. You’ve never seen a Batman quite like this one. Bale at times is anti-charismatic, unfriendly and even crude. Of course, his heart is of that legendary Batman vintage, as pure as a summer day in the countryside. Look for Morgan Freeman in yet another brilliant role as well.
5. 3:10 to Yuma. One of the great Westerns of the fifties was remade with two characters who have that classic grittiness, Bale and Russell Crowe. Interestingly enough, neither is American, but both have that determination and ease with portraying a character raised on the prairie that makes them perfect for the genre. The plot can be followed without much concentration, like the most formulaic thrillers, but it is the performances of these two leads that make the film a winner. See it on premium satellite networks in HD.
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  • laura

    Enemigos públicos es una de las películas que más me gustan de este actor. Está muy bien ambientada ,muy buena música y gracias a esta peli conoci la historia de John Dillinger. Muy buena actuación tanto de Johnny Depp, Marion Cotillard y Christian Bale encarnando a los respectivos personajes en esta película basada en hechos reales .