Who will be the next James Bond?

There is plenty of speculation afoot as to who will play the next James Bond after Daniel Craig hangs up his holster, and BetUS has jumped on the bandwagon by offering a range of exciting odds on the subject.
Craig is slated for just one more Bond film, codenamed Bond 23 – original, no? – to be released in 2014. However, the producers have placed the film on hold indefinitely, so it’s anyone’s guess whether Craig will play Bond for a third time. If he does go ahead with it, by that time the blue-eyed Brit will be 46 and probably on his way to a sequence of family comedies, ala Pierce Brosnan.
After Craig revamped the epic series with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, expectations are high as to who will take up the reins for the next series of Bond flicks. There are plenty of names flying around at the moment, including Yanks, Poms, Aussies, and even Croats, so there is quite a selection for you to browse through over at BetUS.
Frontrunner at the moment is star of Avatar Sam Worthington, but nipping at his heels are much bigger Hollywood sensations in the form of Will Smith, Christian Bale, and – former favorite to claim the Bond role prior to Daniel Craig’s selection – Clive Owen.
BetUS has dozens of names with respective odds available, but punters can find more upon request; although I’m not sure how you can get more ridiculous than considering Robbie Williams as the next James Bond. The betting will close at the end of the month, so make sure you tip the next Bond before midnight on July 31.
Sam Worthington: +200
Will Smith: +300
Christian Bale: +500
Clive Owen: +900
Orlando Bloom: +1200
Hugh Jackman: +1800
Rufus Sewell: +1800
Jamie Foxx: +2000
Gerard Butler: +2000
Ewan McGregor: +2500
Jude Law: +3000
Eric Bana: +3500
Colin Farrell: +4500
Russell Crowe: +6000
Hugh Grant: +8000
P. Diddy: +8000
Robbie Williams: +15000
Source ~ Credit for manip to BManic
  • Anonymous

    you don't need or want Daniel Graig you need Batman oops I mean Christain Bale as he has that James Bond has now all he needs is the suit,the gun and the maretni shaken not stirred, and bowtie and lastly say the intro I'm Bond…. James Bond when he shoots the gun barrel with his gun and that is what you should call I'm Bond…. James Bond. thanks